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Aug 22 15 1:37 PM

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Hi all i have a 1960 circus queen i am playing around with it was 90% working then i knocked the trip inside the door now only the lights work no mechanics any ideas would be great
Many thanks alan
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Aug 22 15 9:31 PM

What you said you used the activator switch on the backdoor and so the Tilt relay in the tripbank was tripped?
What happens when you release the Trip relay by hand, are the motors of the Queen running again if the Timer is in the zero position

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Aug 23 15 10:07 AM

Hi chris emailed me and told me about the trip relay which i have just reset and new i have movement again but it is only doing a loop of the main motor in the head not the spotter unit but my fuse holder is faulty so got to try and source another one
Thanks for your reply
Regards alan

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Aug 29 15 12:58 PM

new problem now if you guys can help

put all fuse holders in so when i turn on machine and go to clock up credits the credit counter moves but never goes above one and when i stop there is no credits clocked up it used to work untill the trip happened
regards alan

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Aug 29 15 6:34 PM

and is the spotting motor also running now?
how do you clock up and is there an original register or is an electronic version fitted?
by the way,
how did you know the Queen was for 90 per sent working ok

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Aug 29 15 9:14 PM

hi thanks for reply when i bought it i saw the man playing it but the ball lifter was not working properly also the odds were only going up to 16 no mater how many credits were played off so when i collected it i had to split the machine
in 2 and when i put it back together thats when more problems started i have now got the credits clocking up  on a key that you turn on the outside  but no odds are lighting up and tilt light is on permanat also when i manuly trip the coil inside the head it goes through the motion of clocking the odss but only the abcde and ok lights come on but the tilt light is still on also if i turn off the game from power when i turn it back on the abcde and ok are still lit
hope that helps a little as i am slowly trying to get there with guidence
regards alan

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Aug 30 15 9:51 AM

so that 'a lot of rubbish you got!
forget the key, that's not original, for clocking up and try to start the queen by pushing the startrelay by hand.
The startrelay is on the back of the whiteboard, the second relay from the top
When yoy press the startrelay, the anti cheat relay, which is situated just under the startrelay, must get energized and must stay that way. That's important
Pressing the startrelay the control and mixer motor must start running and the playfield must open.
In opening the palyfield a lot of things happen.
The Tripbank will reset and so is the Tiltrelay and also all score and feature units.

If you really want a few points on the register, you can pull in the Replay Cam index, underneath the Control Unit and if everything is normal, the register will get you some credits

I presume you did already clean all Jones Plugs, cleaned the stepper units and inspected the leather clutches, so that everything is running well.

The Circus Queen is a nice machine, but if you don't understand what is happening it will/can you give a lot of problems and a headache!!

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Aug 30 15 10:13 AM

ok i have pressed the start relay but never checked the anticheat relay so will do that later yes cleaned all the jones plugs with emory cloth  yes when i press the start relay the playfield opens and the motors inside start running will get back to you later on the other
regards alan

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Aug 30 15 6:12 PM

So, you know now what (one of ) the problem is.
You don't need the anti cheat, you can press the relay and put a piece of wood under the activator,
In this way, the anti cheat relay will always be activated and the credits won't clock down when you start your Queen.
Mind you because of the fact the Ant Cheat relay was not working well, the lamp of the Tilt was lit all of the time

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Aug 30 15 6:32 PM

ok just done that and now the tilt is off the credits clock up odds are working and playfield opens and closes just got to work on ball lift on holiday from tomorrow so will start looking at the switches when i get back thanks for your advice
regards alan

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